Sandstone is a kind of sedimentary rock that comprises minerals that are the same size as sand combined with a few rock grains. These rock grains can either be minerals, clasts, pieces or even rock fragments. Generally, tiles and slabs that are made from sandstone are used for the interior flooring of homes. The major […]

Indoor flooring has lots of choices to consider. There are a wide array of natural stone tiles such as limestone, granite or green marble but one particular stone tile stands out due to its subtle and organic looking beauty: slate tiles. source Slate tiles are one of the best flooring materials used for the home. […]

Floor finishing is one of the many important factors in home interior and exterior design. They are more critical than ceilings or walls. It is important that they are durable while at the same time functional. source Most interior designers experience dilemmas when it comes to finding the most appropriate floor finishing materials that are […]