Slate Tiles: The Best that Nature Can Offer your Home

by owner on April 4, 2011

Indoor flooring has lots of choices to consider. There are a wide array of natural stone tiles such as limestone, granite or green marble but one particular stone tile stands out due to its subtle and organic looking beauty: slate tiles.


Slate tiles are one of the best flooring materials used for the home. The versatility of these tiles can range from the hallway to the kitchen, the bathroom and straight outdoors where they surround the pool or the patio areas of the home. Slates tiles have become quite popular in recent years because of the way they brighten up a room while at the same time adding up to its interior beauty and elegance.

Being a natural stone, slate tiles are durable as they as waterproof. This makes using it the best choice to keep moisture and water away. They do not need too much maintenance because of its natural dark color.

Not many people know that slate tiles are made from a combination of other minerals such as mica, quartz and chlorite. The amount of each mineral present in a slab is the reason why the colors of slate tiles are not consistent. This characteristic, however, adds up to its natural and organic beauty even more, making it a favorite material to use indoors and outdoors as well.

Studies have shown that slate tiles are formed from the bottom of the ocean floor. The extreme heat has brought lots of sediments together to form a collective rock. The rocks are then harvested where industrial machines cut them into the specified sizes and where machine grade polish them ready to be shipped and used for another new home. Contact us here to find out more about the natural tiles that we offer.

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