Sandstone Tiles: Timeless Beauty for Your Home

by owner on April 15, 2011

Sandstone is a kind of sedimentary rock that comprises minerals that are the same size as sand combined with a few rock grains. These rock grains can either be minerals, clasts, pieces or even rock fragments. Generally, tiles and slabs that are made from sandstone are used for the interior flooring of homes.

The major two compositions of sandstone are feldspar and quartz. These minerals are known to be the most abundant minerals found in the crust of the Earth. Because they are naturally made, colors range from yellow, brown, red, tan, gray and even white.

A popular material for interior flooring, the reliability of sandstone tiles makes it a favorite among interior designers and homeowners alike. Its textures as well as variety of colors makes any home look aesthetically pleasing and elegant looking.

Building one’s home is a huge undertaking and choosing the right kind of tiles can be daunting. For homeowners who want their home to attain perfection, compromising on the smallest detail should be avoided and this holds true with the kind of tiles used. In order to ensure the durability and strength of your home, while at the same time hold on to its stately and elegant theme, natural sandstone tiles are the most recommended.

Architects and interior designers agree that they are durable and require little maintenance. Because they are natural looking, they add a certain organic and rough appeal to the home thereby making it timeless. Apart from their use indoors, they make good paving materials to give the property an overall appeal as their use outdoors stretches their functionality because their color or texture will not fade through time and under any weather.

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