Natural Stone Tiles: Looking into the Beauty of Sandstone Tiles

by owner on March 14, 2011

Floor finishing is one of the many important factors in home interior and exterior design. They are more critical than ceilings or walls. It is important that they are durable while at the same time functional.


Most interior designers experience dilemmas when it comes to finding the most appropriate floor finishing materials that are aesthetically pleasing. Along with this comes the decision of what kind of material will suit the finishing applications.

Natural stone tiles have been a constant favorite by decorators and homeowners alike. They are more sturdy and the natural appearance they exude make it the perfect for any environment or home design or style. The most popular of these is sandstone, particularly those that come in the color white. Sandstone is made up of finely sized minerals and rock grains. Generally, it is a component of feldspar and quartz. It is naturally formed by nature, thus it is very resistant to weathering. Sandstone comes in a variety of colors with yellow-white, white, yellow-brown being the more popular choices.

Not all sandstone tiles are the same. They are usually carried in large blocks where they are used for benches, tiles surroundings doorways, archways, large columns and the like. Sandstone tiles are also commonly seen in swimming pools, flooring and wall applications. They even come in a wide variety of finishes such as bush hammered, cut, and honed.

The beauty and versatility of natural stone tiles have already become increasing popular nowadays. Contact us to get an idea of its many uses and the colors available in making your home one beautiful place to live in.

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