Andesite Stone Tile

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Size Weight Finish Cut
10 x 10 x 1.5 cm
other sizes available
27 kg per sqm Polished (Honed)
Applications Stock Available Sealing Required
Swimming Pool Edging, Floor, Wall to Walls 500 sqm per week No


Black Andesite is a great way to give off an impression of sophistication and depth to your structures. Its complexity gives off the same elegance as one would feel when saying a mosaic. This is because andesite is not just made out of one stone. It is a mixture of gray rocks (porphyritic), white and light grays (plagioclase), hornblendes, black augites, feldspar and biotite. Sometimes there is a mixture of other minerals too, that is why black andesite compositions are never the same, hence each ouput will always be unique. A little more or less of each material, along with proper human handling, can change its look dramatically.

It is also interesting to note that Black Andesite is formed through a volcanic eruption. Such stress and heat forms a strong and one-of-a-kind stone that will surely add dimension to palisades, floors, kerbstones, countertops, tables and tiles.

Black Andesite can also come in a variety of finishes to custom-match your home or structure. They can be flamed, honed, polished, sandblasted, antiqued, chiseled or naturally split. Whichever the preference may be, black andesite is a great asset to add to a home for the ages.

10 x 10 x 1.5 cm
other sizes available

Price per sqm
$33-$35 US Dollars
1,090 Thai Baht